Seaplane Rating

Become part of a very small group of aviators, only 3 percent of US pilots have a seaplane rating! We offer the single-engine sea add-on for the private pilot, commercial pilot, and ATP certificates. You will fly an amphibious Aviat Husky equipped with Wipline 2100 floats, Aspen 1000 evolution with Synthetic Vision (SV), and a Garmin 430. With over a thousand lakes in Lake County, this is the perfect place to experience the adventures of seaplane flying and see the true meaning of Lake County!


Entry Prerequisites

  • FAA 3rd class medical

  • Private pilot airplane single-engine land

  • Rental form completed

  • US unexpired Passport or Birth Certificate and government issued Photo ID

  • TSA logbook endorsement

Will the seaplane rating count towards a flight review?

Yes! Under FAA part 61 the seaplane rating will renew your 61.56 flight review!


Is the Husky available for solo rental?

Yes, our policy requires 20 hours dual and 5 hours solo before carrying any passengers on top of 500 hours of logged flying time. All of your seaplane training hours conducted in the Husky are counted towards the insurance minimums.


Is it possible to fly somewhere for lunch on a seaplane lesson?

Absolutely! It’s totally up to the student! Some popular spots we go to include Puddle Jumpers (Lake Dora), Gator Joe’s (Lake Weir), Eaton Beach Bar & Grill (Lake Weir).


How long is the course and are there any seaplane examiners on staff?

The course duration really depends on you, your schedule, and your finances. You can complete the course in as little as 2-3 days or you can go at your own pace! Average time is approximately 6 hours seaplane time and 3 hours ground school. We have one seaplane examiner on staff and another located in Crystal River.


Does Sunair offer a 141 seaplane course?

Yes! Sunair is one of a few schools in the Southeast that offers 141 seaplane training and the only school in the United States that offers 141 seaplane training to military veterans! Veterans or international students training in the 141 sea course are required to meet the requirements of FAA 141 appendix I.