Multi-Engine Rating

A multi-engine rating opens up a world of opportunities. With a private pilot or commercial pilot certificate and a multi-engine rating you can now take more family and friends, to farther away destinations, faster than ever before. No more waiting for security at MCO, with a multi-engine rating you can now take business trips with much less hassle. As a commercial pilot with a multi-engine rating you have just opened the door to many more job opportunities including an airline career.


Entry Prerequisites

  • FAA 3rd Class medical

  • Private pilot or commercial pilot airplane single-engine land

  • Rental form completed

  • US unexpired Passport or Birth Certificate and government issued Photo ID

  • TSA logbook endorsement

Do we actually shut down the engine during training?

Yes! You will perform a shutdown and restart during your training. You will also perform a shutdown / restart during your practical test! All of our shutdowns and restarts are conducted at high altitude over the airport. Emergency operations at low attitude will be simulated!


Is the Duchess available for solo rental?

Yes! As long as you complete our multi-engine course or if you already have a multi-engine license, then you must complete a checkout with one of our multi-engine instructors.


I am a private pilot with an IFR rating. After the course will I have IFR privileges flying a multi-engine aircraft?

Yes! During your practical test you will have to perform at least one single-engine instrument approach (simulated).

After I complete my MEL rating, how many hours do I need as PIC to rent the Duchess solo?

None! If you complete our multi-engine course, you’re permitted to rent the Duchess for solo rental!