Pilot Refresher Course

The course objective is to provide the student with a solid understanding of operating legally within the ever changing FAA regulatory framework and the opportunity to sharpen their flying abilities and Single-Pilot Resource Management Skills. This is a great opportunity for a pilot that is looking to get back into flying or a current pilot that’s wants a fun challenge that will make him or her a more prepared and confident aviator!


Entry Prerequisites

  • FAA 3rd Class Medical

  • Private pilot airplane single-engine land

  • Rental form completed and government issued Photo ID

  • US unexpired Passport or Birth Certificate NOT required

  • TSA logbook endorsement NOT required

What endorsements will I receive upon completion of the PRC?

You will receive a FAR 61.56 Flight Review endorsement, FAR 61.57 Instrument Proficiency Check endorsement (IPC), Night currency category and class, aircraft checkout (if needed), and an FAA graduation certificate!


I’ve never flown the G1000, could I do the PRC in a Garmin 1000?

Yes! Upon completion you will be a pro at operating a glass cockpit and authorized to rent any of our glass cockpit aircraft!

 What areas we will cover during the PRC?

How to operate a Garmin 1000, Garmin 530/430 system effectively. A review of FARs, FAA enforcement actions and NASA reports, ADS-B NextGen, the US National Airspace system, aerodynamics, aircraft performance considerations, runway incursion avoidance, aircraft emergencies (conducted in the simulator), GPS systems under IFR, IFR procedures, and more!

Do I need an Instrument rating to do the PRC?

No! Just a private pilot airplane single-engine land certificate.


What aircraft can I do the PRC in?

We have a Piper Arrow, Beechcraft Duchess, and our whole Cessna line available!